Turistički obrt "Mlin"

Turistički obrt
Turistički obrt
Turistički obrt
Turistički obrt
Turistički obrt

Angebot: Presentation of the work of the Flour and Fulling Mill with offer of traditional delicacies. Our delicacies and catering services are served in front of the Mill as well as on the terraces in the century-old shade along the river Ljuta, with staff dressed in traditional Konavle costumes.

Description: Izletiste "Mlin" is located along the river Ljuta, with picturesque, preserved, highly valorized and protected landscape of rich forests and river springs - a registered monument of natural and cultural heritage. In the time of Dubrovnik Republic a number of flour and fulling mills were built here which are still, as before, powered by water.

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Turistički obrt "Mlin"

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    Ljuta 3A, 20215 Gruda - HR
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