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Whether you have already visited Cavtat and Konavle, or you are planning to visit us, these pages will provide information which will help you to reach us, to find accommodation which meets your wishes, and to become familiar to our region, customs and tradition. We hope that the information offered on our web site will help you in planning your stay in our region.

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Vlaho Bukovac Amphora Amphora Galeb Folklor Čilipi Akvadukt Bobara Mauzolej Račić Snježnica Tino Pattiera

... Cavtat is the birthplace of Vlaho Bukovac, the founder and chief representative of Croatian modern art

... that the seabed in the Cavtat area hides one of the biggest amphora sites in the Mediterranean

... that Cavtat is a leading conference destination in Croatia

... that three islands near Cavtat - Mrkan, Bobara and Supetar - are a protected ornithological reservation, as a nesting area for larus cachinnans, a type of seagull

... that the Sunday folklore events have been held in Čilipi since 1967

... that Cavtat was supplied with fresh water by a Roman aqueduct in the 1st century AD. It was brought from the Vodovađa source in the eastern Konavle

... that the first quarantine (called lazareti) for protection against contagious diseases was founded by the Dubrovnik Republic in 1377 on the islands of Bobara and Supetar

... that the Račić family mausoleum in Cavtat is the work of the great Croatian sculpturer Ivan Meštrović

... that Snježnica, is the greatest mountain peak in Konavle, 1234 m high

... Cavtat is the birthplace of Cavtat Tino Pattiera, world famous opera singer

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