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Cavtat is located on the foundations of the ancient Epidaurum. The Roman colony that was first mentioned in 48 BC. In ancient Rome, the status of a colony represented the highest status that a provincial city could attain, while almost every colony was a copy of the city of Rome. In other words, it had a forum or main square located at the intersection of the main streets of Cardo and Decumanus. Moreover, adjacent to the forum were administrative buildings and temples, and around it branched a regular network of streets, along which the city’s residential blocks spread out. Among other things, colonies had theatres, thermal baths, and other public buildings that we do not know where they were located in Epidaurum because we have not yet found them in Cavtat. This digital map is the first step in figuring out the borders of Epidaurum. It presents all the known traces of a long forgotten ancient city, so take a walk through the streets of Cavtat and discover its rich and mystical past.

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