Konavle Tourist Board Official Website

... where life is a simple pleasure

Konavle Tourist Board Official Website

... where life is a simple pleasure

Konavle Tourist Board Official Website

... where life is a simple pleasure



15.12.2019., Sunday

17:30 Otvaranje Adventa uz nastup dječjih zborova

20:00 DJ Speed & Aki Drumjay

Advent u Cavtatu

19.12.2019., Thursday

20:00 DJ BLAZE

Advent u Cavtatu

20.12.2019., Friday

17:30  "Božićna čarolija" - zabava za najmlađe uz mađioničara Timija, Emersona i Anu

20:00 Bjelouška

Advent u Cavtatu

21.12.2019., Saturday

Otvaranje manifestacije

15:30 - 21:00, Čilipi

Mirisi Božića u Konavlima

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Where to stay

Cavtat hotels are situated on the beach and offer comfortable accommodation and numerous sports, recreation and entertainment possibilities.


If you are looking for a romantic vacation, family vacation or vacation with friends, if you want to make true your dream vacation in a beautiful place by the sea, in Cavtat we offer you accomodation in six hotels, 3-5 star, BB, HB, All inclusive...

Every one of them, taking care of needs and demands of modern tourist , in its own way, offers an outstanding experience.

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Private Accommodation

Besides hotels and campsites, Cavtat and Konavle offer you a wide choice of rooms, apartments and houses (villas). We present you a variety of private accommodation, from which we believe you can easily choose accommodation according to your needs.

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Auto Camps

There are several campsites in the area of Konavle, all of them situated in Molunat, a small fishing and tourism town 20 km south of Cavtat. Camping in Molunat is an excellent choice for all those seeking true rest in touch with a preserved nature.

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Where to eat

Restaurants and taverns base their rich culinary offer on local, organic and traditionally prepared Dalmatian cuisine. In addition to Malvasija dubrovacka, a wine which during Dubrovnik Republic was the Rector's gift of protocol, in Konavle is grown a number of other authochtonous grape varieties, among which the most prominent is Plavac mali.

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Must see

In this small area it is possible to see into the pace of history and experience the spirit of the civilizations that have left traces in our area since prehistoric times, through the Roman period, the Middle Ages, the time of the Dubrovnik Republic, up to more recent history.

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Did you know?

Interesting facts about Konavle

Vlaho Bukovac

... Cavtat is the birthplace of Vlaho Bukovac, the founder and chief representative of Croatian modern art


... that the seabed in the Cavtat area hides one of the biggest amphora sites in the Mediterranean

Hotel Croatia

... that Cavtat is a leading conference destination in Croatia


... that three islands near Cavtat - Mrkan, Bobara and Supetar - are a protected ornithological reservation, as a nesting area for larus cachinnans, a type of seagull


... that the Sunday folklore events have been held in Čilipi since 1967


... that Cavtat was supplied with fresh water by a Roman aqueduct in the 1st century AD. It was brought from the Vodovađa source in the eastern Konavle


... that the first quarantine (called lazareti) for protection against contagious diseases was founded by the Dubrovnik Republic in 1377 on the islands of Bobara and Supetar


... that the Račić family mausoleum in Cavtat is the work of the great Croatian sculpturer Ivan Meštrović


... that Snježnica, is the greatest mountain peak in Konavle, 1234 m high


... Cavtat is the birthplace of Cavtat Tino Pattiera, world famous opera singer

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