Useful Info

Basic info

Travel documentation

Passport or any other internationally recognized identification document. Tourist stay in Croatia is limited to three months.

Additional information is available at the embassies of the Republic of Croatia abroad or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. +385 1 4569 964,

Time zone

GMT + 1 in the winter, GMT + 2 in the summer.

Standard voltage and frequency

220 V, 50 Hz.


Tap water is potable on the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia.

Postal and telecommunication services

Post office in Cavtat is open whole day during working days and on Saturday mornings, whereas the offices in Čilipi and Gruda are open Monday till Friday before noon.

If you need to use a phone booth, phone cards are available for purchase at post offices, hotels and news-stands.

There are five mobile networks operating in Croatia:

All operators offer roaming service. For details, visit the respective websites.

Post offices


Internet connection is available at all hotels. There are also several cafés and tourist agencies in Cavtat offering this service.

Currency, payments, tax free

Croatian currency is kuna (HRK/kn). 1 kuna = 100 lipas.

Bank-notes are in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kunas, and coins are in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 lipa and 1, 2 and 5 kuna.

Payments: You can use only kunas as means of payment, and money can be exchanged in numerous banks, exchange offices, post offices and hotels.

Banks: Banks are open in Cavtat from Monday till Friday whole day and on Saturday mornings. There are also many cash machines in Cavtat, Dubrovnik Airport, Čilipi and Gruda.

Credit cards: Most hotels, restaurants and shops will accept credit card payments (Eurocard/Mastercard, Diners, American Express, Visa).

Customs duties: Foreign currency can be freely transferred to Croatia to the amount of 40,000.00 HRK. Customs must be notified of any amounts exceeding this number. Home currency can be freely transferred to and from Croatia to the amount of 15,000.00 HRK.

Owners of pets must possess an international certificate not older than 6 months.

Tax return: The right of tax return encompasses all foreign citizens for purchased goods (except petroleum derivatives) to the amount of 501.00 HRK per receipt. The purchaser must have a VAT (PDV-P) form filled by the seller, which must be verified upon leaving Croatia on the border crossing. Tax return is possible six months after the purchase of goods. Additional info about customs duties: Republic of Croatia Customs Directorate, +385 1 6102 333.

Medical help

During the summer season (April-October) there is a tourist surgery at the guests' disposal. It is open seven days a week and located at Dubrovnik airport.

All other types of health care are available at the Dubrovnik General Hospital.

Guests from countries which have signed a health-care agreement with the Republic of Croatia do not have to pay for medical services. If that is not the case, the services are charged directly to the user, according to the official price list.

Pharmacies are in Cavtat and Gruda. The Cavtat pharmacy is open full-time Monday till Friday and on Saturday mornings. The pharmacy in Gruda works a split-shift.

Public holidays

January 1st New Year’s Day
January 6th Three Kings Day
Easter and Easter Monday
May 1st Labour Day
May 30th Independence Day
Corpus Christi
June 22nd Antifascism Day
June 25th Statehood Day
August 5th National Thanksgiving Day
August 15th The Assumption
November 1st All Saints
November 18th Remembrance Day for all victims of the Homeland War and Remembrance Day for the Victims' Day of Vukovar and Škabrnja
December 25th and 26th Christmas Holidays

Working hours

The majority of shops and supermarkets are open from 8 AM till 8 PM.

During the summer season, most shops have extended working hours, including Sundays. Public services and offices work from 8 AM till 4 PM, Monday till Friday. Some service work from 7 AM till 3 PM during the summer.

Foreign language radio news

During the summer season, Croatian National Radio Channel 2 regularly broadcasts news and Croatian Automobile Club reports on traffic conditions on a daily basis in several languages: English, German, Italian and Czech. This station also broadcasts news and traffic conditions reports from several foreign radio stations (Bavaria Radio Channel 3, Austria Radio Channel 3, RAI Uno, British Virgin Radio and Czech Radio).

There are also specialized daily news broadcasts for boaters in Croatian and English.

Safety, fire and environmental protection

A special European emergency number has been also established in Croatia 112.

You can dial it from all mobile and fixed phones in case you need:

  • urgent medical help
  • fire department
  • police
  • mountain rescue service
  • veterinarian help
  • or other emergency services.

Please, act responsibly in natural areas, take notice of fire restriction signs and do not throw burning or inflammable objects in the surrounding countryside. In case you notice fire, please call fire department on number 93.

The sea water in the area of Konavle, as well as in Croatia in general, is of high quality, so please help us in keeping it so.

Local transport

Public transport

Cavtat is connected with Dubrovnik by a local bus line which is scheduled every thirty minutes. During the summer season you can go to Dubrovnik by boats which sail during the whole day.

Taxi service is also at your disposal. There are taxi stops in the Cavtat bus station and the airport in Čilipi. Radio taxi service is available on number +385(0)20 640 100

More on local lines:

Car hire

There are a number of car hire offices in Cavtat and Čilipi airport that offer a variety of vehicle types.

Important Phone Numbers

During your stay in Cavtat and Konavle, you may need some of these numbers:

Country code for Croatia is +385.

Area code for Cavtat, all settlements in Konavle and the Dubrovnik-Neretva County is 020. In case you are calling from abroad, you must leave out 0 from the area code, so just dial +385 20.

General emergency services number: 112

If you precisely know what service you need, you can call directly for:
Police: 192
Fire Department: 193
Medical Emergency Service: 112

Road assistance: 1987 (for mobile phones +385 1 987)
Croatian Automobile Club – HAK 01 4640 800,, e-mail:

Weather forecast and traffic conditions: 060 520 520

Gruda police Station: +385 20 444 744
Cavtat Port Authority: +385 20 478 065, e-mail:
Dubrovnik Airport: +385 20 773 377
General Informations: 18981

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